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This situation is new to all of us and requires new habits and a bit of creative thinking about our psychological well-being. Now that many of us are forced to work remotely, some of us have to take care of young and old family members during working hours, are feeling anxious or isolated, are separated from loved ones, and have limited options for regular physical exercise and social activities. So we must think differently and creatively about new ways to keep a healthy mind and body.


Here are some useful tips if you are starting to feel anxious: 

  1. Keep things in perspective and regulate the amount of news from the media. 

Staying updated is good, but too much information can be overwhelming. Try to limit watching news once or twice a day. This will be enough to keep you informed. 

  1. Maintain work-life balance. 

Now that you are working from home, it might be difficult to keep work and personal life apart, but this is essential in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance - if you can, create a separate space in your home for your work, create a working schedule and stick to it 

  1. Stay in regular contact with friends/family. 

Isolation doesn’t mean social isolation and today we have various ways of maintaining our contacts (Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype, etc.) 

  1. Maintain a routine. 

Keeping a daily routine will help you feel more in control: try to go to sleep, wake up, have (regular) meals and work time around the same time every day.  

Your exercise options may be limited now, but this is not the reason to stop exercising! There are plenty of exercises you can do at your own home, without any equipment. 

  1. Practice mindfulness. 

That means paying attention, purposefully and non-judgmentally, to your experience in the present moment. It can involve a formal practice — like when you sit down, close your eyes, and focus on feeling your breath go in and out. But you can also practice mindfulness while you read the news, say, or shop for groceries. 

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others' isolation achievements. 

These days, the internet is full of stories about people setting new goals to achieve during isolation. Expanding your knowledge, learning a new skill or achieving other accomplishments is good, but don’t feel bad if you don’t do any of these. Keep your own tempo. 

  1. Get professional help 

If your feelings of anxiety are persistent, seek professional help. Most countries have free phone/online psychological counseling during this period. 

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